Build ➠ Deploy ➠ Scale ➠ Win

Our technology hub is where the action really is.
We are building, crafting, shaping, engineering – a state of the art real time engagement system for some of the largest brands in the world. We make software building fun and challenging again!

  • Real Time engagement
  • Web & Mobile & Everywhere
  • Deep data analytics
  • Real Time predictive decisions
  • Innovative text mining

Some stats to grasp the size

  • 4.5PB of data
  • 20B events per day
  • 3M concurrent users at peak
  • 150 microservices
  • 7 data centers world wide
  • 20 Scrum teams

Our Cloud

The most advanced technologies for building a cloud service, combined with our massive scale – easily puts us in a position to be one of the top private clouds in the world. Spread on 7 DC’s and built from more than 20,000 physical cores based on solely open source and homemade tools.
We’re using technologies like OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, KVM, Puppet, Swift and more – completely vendor clean, built and maintained by LP employees.

Data Science

We develop predictive engines for customer engagement, decision support systems, load management systems based on queue theory, natural language processing algorithms, and other data driven tools based on machine learning and big data analysis. Our stack includes Scala, Hadoop, MapReduce and Apache Spark.


Good things come in small packages, and our system come in micro services.
Over +100 micro services are powering the core logic of LiveEngage.
We run simultaneously in 6 data centers worldwide with extreme focus on resiliency and uptime.

Continuous Integration
and Deployments

When it comes to streamline the software development and deployment – it goes crazy. We do dozens of pushes a day, always keeping the system stable and with minimum bugs. We automate test everything, keeping the quality bar high and user experience amazing. Some of the tools we use – TeamCity, Jenkins, Checkmarx and Puppet


Over 4 Petabytes are flowing though our data platform pipes, using tools such as – Hadoop, Cassandra, Vertica, Couchbase, Spark and MR
We collect, store, learn & predict, aggregate, stream and visualize the data, and transform it into gold.


Our Sandwich Club is just one way that we share information about the latest technologies, trends and best practices with one another. We invite members from the larger Israeli tech community to attend these tech talks